Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane
- up to 60 tonnes (C6)


C6 courses returning on July 5

Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes) - Day

Monday - Friday 7am - 3pm.

Training is from Monday to Thursday and the assessment is held on the Friday.

Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes) - Evening

3 evenings a week for 3 weeks (enquire for details).

To enrol in this course you must hold a valid Dogging (DG) HRW licence.


A slewing mobile crane is a mobile crane incorporating a boom or jib that can be slewed but does not include – a front-end loader or a backhoe or an excavator or other earth moving equipment, when configured for crane operation.


Nationally Recognised Training

All nationally recognised training - when a learner is deemed competent at the completion of their training - will be issued with a Statement of Attainment in the Unit of Competency in which they have enrolled. RTO 45587 TCLM Pty Ltd.

Course Location

Training is held at 11 Watsford Road, Campbelltown NSW 2560

We offer ongoing support to all of our students and are available to answer questions and provide guidance during your course and after. We don’t know all the answers but we know lots of people who do!

Course Duration

A five -day course with the SafeWork NSW assessment on the 5th day.
The evening class structure is 3 nights a week for 3 weeks. Enquire for details.

Course Delivery

Face to Face in our Campbelltown yard with our Kato NK28. All your training materials are provided.

Course Cost

Price is $1,800 per person when paying cash or EFT. 
Credit card facility is provided by STRIPE and includes a 1.75 % fee. 
Discounts apply to multiple bookings. C6 and Dogging booked together is $2,900.
Evening course is $2,200 per person (no discounts)

Course Pre-requisites

As with all HRW licences, participants must be over 18 years of age and be able to speak and understand English as well as provide 100 points of Identification for the SafeWork NSW assessment.
Please note that it is a requirement of this course that you already hold a CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging licence.

Course Topics  
  • Licensing, legislative, regulatory and certification requirements that apply in NSW   

  • Slewing mobile crane up to 60 tonnes characteristics technical capabilities and limitations

  • Techniques for calculating safe working loads - Load charts

  • Operational maintenance and basic diagnostic procedure

  • Site and Equipment safety requirements

  • Techniques related to essential tasks

  • Site isolation and traffic control responsibilities and authorities

  • Identification of communication strategies and systems - hand signals, whistles

  • Safe Operating techniques -Plan work, hazard identification and Control measures

  • Conduct routine checks

  • Shut down and safely secure the slewing mobile crane

Course Outcome 

A participant deemed competent at the completion of this course will be issued an NSA form by the SafeWork NSW Assessor and will also receive their SOA from TCT.

  • a Notice of Satisfactory Assessment (NSA form) is valid for a period of (60) sixty days from the date of issue. Submit the NSA together with the application form, Passport photo and application fee to a NSW Australia Post Office within 60 days to receive your national Licence (Class C6) to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60T) from SafeWork NSW. HRW licences are valid for 5 years from the date of issue and need to be renewed with SafeWork before they expire.

  • A Statement of Attainment (SOA) for fulfilling the requirements of TLILIC0013 Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes), a unit in the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package will be sent to you within 30 days of completion by TCLM Pty Ltd Trading as Tower Crane Training, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45587).

Student Resources

The following documents can be downloaded and reviewed in preparation for the course.

Tower Crane Training is actively responding to the threat posed by COVID-19.

We are following all the ASQA and SafeWork NSW recommendations as well as Federal and State instruction. We are now able to conduct training using zoom or in person delivery for theory training and with restricted numbers while following safe distancing guidelines for in person practical training and the SafeWork NSW assessments. This a constantly changing health issue and we will advise of any changes to the requirements.​​

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